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Economical society “Hyzmatlar”

Benefits from cooperation with Hyzmatlar;

  • speed and high quality of services provided;
  • providing services in accordance with the requirements of the client;
  • the possibility of reducing the number of client personnel;
  • possibility of modernization of the client’s fixed assets;
  • transparent and attractive prices for the services provided;
  • we work 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays;
  • we use the professional equipment of the best world brands;
  • use only environmentally safely products;
  • constantly monitor the quality of services provided;
  • availability of discounts for the regular customers.

Complete solution

Acting as a single Contractor, Economical society “Hyzmatlar” offers a
comprehensive solution for large and small enterprises as well as individuals:

  • professional cleaning of industrial premises, apartments and houses, adjacent territories and parking areas;
  • vehicles maintenance, washing and dry-cleaning;
  • washing and dry cleaning of carpets or carpet coverings, dry cleaning of furniture and chandeliers;
  • washing windows and facades of high-rise buildings by using industrial mountaineering;
  • gardening and tree care, repair and cleaning of fountains;
  • ремонт и чистка фонтанов;
  • exterior washing and cleaning of aircrafts;
  • supply of cleaning equipment for companies;
  • execution of orders for the provision of various services.

Industrial alpinism

The economical society “Hyzmatlar” performs work at height and in conditions where work with the use of special vehicles becomes impossible.

In the field of industrial mountaineering, we have been working since 2014 and during this time we have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of high-altitude work. We have all the necessary tools for doing high-altitude work

All employees of the economical society “Hyzmatlar” have been trained and certified in specialized training centers, have access to high-altitude work. We have various of construction specialties.


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