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Economical society “Hyzmatlar”

Dear friends!

We thank you for visiting our webwesite. Creating a website, we hoped to tell in a more visual form about our enterprise and the services we provide. We hope that we succeeded.

In our enterprise works qualified, honest and reliable professionals who are able to perform different levels of complexity work. To provide best services, we always use the latest technology, professional equipment and detergents of the highest quality which not only effectively remove various types of pollution, but are also environmentally friendly and safe. We are focused on reusable and long-term cooperation with each client, so we always focus on the highest quality standards and affordable prices for our services.

About Economical society “Hyzmatlar”

Modern conditions economy requires the use of effective management technologies which allows to reduce costs, save time, increase productivity and competitiveness of production, increase the income of the enterprise. One of such business technologies is the transfer of certain functions (outsourcing) to an outside contractor, which are not part of the company’s main activity, but are necessary for business organization. ES “Hyzmatlar” is a service company that has been working stably and reliably in the industrial and outsourcing market since 2014

ES Hyzmatlar does not work as a template: each client is unique to us and we take into account the particularities of each client’s business. The rich experience which we have gained allows us to offer to our clients a package of services at the international standards level.

High quality of standards

The host company Hyzmatlar provides a full range of services throughout Turkmenistan at the high level of international standards. Many years of successful work in Turkmenistan and fruitful cooperation with large enterprises ensured the ES Hyzmatlar with an impeccable reputation. Today, the divisions of our company operate in 4 provinces of Turkmenistan and serve the facilities of more than 10 companies and enterprises. We are ready at any time to cooperate with new partners and customers.


We are constantly developing partnerships with our clients, improving standard procedures and services, specifically updating them according to the needs of a particular Client. Partnerships are becoming an incentive for us to form new competencies.

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