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Economical society “Hyzmatlar”

Cleaning of offices, professional cleaning of apartments and houses – the cost of services for clients on our site.

The cost of professional cleaning is affected by a number of factors:

• the area of the premises or the adjacent territory
• type of flooring and walls,
• their deterioration and condition
• the number of furniture in the room
• passability of rooms
• floor pollution
• types and complexity of work
• employees number of the customer during the cleaning,
• the schedule required by the customer,
• the difficulty of accessing the cleaned area
• special requirements for

All final estimates in ES Hyzmatlar are prepared, as a rule, after a personal inspection of the object by the manager of the company. Based on its results, a detailed calculation of the cost of cleaning is being prepared. The price provided by Hyzmatlar is transparent. This allows it to discuss and optimize costs for the execution of works, while not saving on the quality of services.

Flexible pricing will allow us to find common ground with you. We are always ready to organize free consultations by visiting our employee to the site.

At your request we can conclude also a long-term service agreement.
Works are performed using professional equipment and special tools. Before starting work, we offer the departure of our specialist to estimate the cost of work and a free demonstration.

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